Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dream Date last night

Last night Bobby accompanied me for the Club Run. We ran 5.8 miles in 1:03:00. I was so proud of him! He stayed with me the whole time and didn't run ahead -- just paced himself from the git-go. He's only 10 years old, and I know I never ran that far until I was 39 years old and had recently accepted my now-infamous [drunken] double-dog-dare to run a marathon.

It has been a dream of mine since I became a mom that I would someday run with my children, and now I am doing that with my son. I was so happy running next to Bobby that I felt like crying. (Yeah, I know - I am a total crybaby - but I really did!)

The jPod and Guy ran, too. The boys are tallying up their milage prior to the Deadwood Marathon in June. All the kids who tally up 25 miles before race day, get to run the last 1.2 miles of the marathon, and then receive finisher medals for the Kids' Marathon. Isn't that a cool idea?

So Bobby and jPod and working toward that goal.

How totally cool is that. Life is good.



jbmmommy said...

My kids are looking forward to their first race of the season. It's only 1/4 mile and that's perfect for my 6 and 4-year olds. Maybe I should get going on the older one's mileage- that's an impressive run distance for Bobby! I love that the kids like being active.

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Way to go Bobby!

Benson said...

Very cool!
You are one lucky Mom.
good job Bobby. Keep it up.

Beth said...

Way to go, Bobby! Keep up the good work! You gotta know Bobby's got some good genetics to work with. So fun that you guys have something you can enjoy together.

Cy said...

Very nice-You are such a great role model!

Have a beautiful Easter with your family.