Monday, January 14, 2008

Phoenix Rock-n-Roll Marathon

Well, Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me move my pictures or text around the page, so you are getting my race report backwards. (!!??) Has anybody else ever had that happen??? Anway, here is the weekend in reverse.

Here is sunset over Phoenix on Sunday. We climbed up Camelback Mountain after the marathon - it is a really technical climb requiring 4 points of contact a lot of the way, but so much fun to scramble over all those boulders to the top. But we made it and the sunset was awesome. It gets dark really fast, so we were stupidly descending in the dark much of the way. Still awesome, though.

This is me breaking a full sweat climbing up.

This is Erin and Sarah (Laura's sister) after the race. Erin PR'd and ran a 3:56. She and Lana ran together from start to finish! I got a 4:18, which I am happy with. Not my best; not my worst - right in the middle. After the finish I got to meet TriDogmom and IronShane! They have the cutest dogs and I let them have my popcicle. ;-) I can't believe I didn't take their picture seeing that I had my camera in my hand. Told ya I get stupid when I exercise.

This is me around mile 15 showing that I liked this band the best.

This is me getting smoked by TriDummy around mile 1. He started off so fast!!!

Here are Mark (my training buddy from home), Erin, Lana, and Sarah freezing while waiting for the gun to go off. It would turn out to be a beautiful day for running. It was Mark's first marathon and he was strong and cheerful the whole way. I lost him around mile 22 as I started getting a lot of phone calls - thankfully - because I was getting tired and wanted to walk a little. My last 3 or 4 miles were 11:05 pace! Thanks for calling everybody - that was relief.

Me and Lana before the start. No nerves!

Trimama, her friend Laura, TriDummy, Lana, Hugo, me and Sarah.

Erin has success before the start! Phew!!!!!

The blogger dinner at Macaroni Grill.

Trimama and Lana.

Sarah, IronGreg, and IrongirlNyhus at dinner.

Me and Commodore! It's been way too long, buddy. It was great seeing you, Carol and mighty Mo. Comm PR'd the half marathon with something crazy like a 1:46.

And I finally met Momo! Love, love, love her - how can you not? And Frankie is adorable and funny.

Trimama, IrongirlNyhus, me, Commodore and Lana.

It was so great to see so many bloggers out there! Afterward our races, DV joined us as our friend's house where we were staying and we made dinner and played poker. With pumpkin seeds as chips. Which kept getting eaten. DV ran the half and then jumped in his car to drive to the Grand Canyon - check out his pictures - they are great.

IrongirlNyhus, IronGreg, Erin and I had a great trip and had such a blast seeing Comm, Lana, Trimama, and their friends and family.
So that's the backwards report - Has anyone else had the problem where you can highlight but not drag that info to another place? Anyway, you get the picture - it was fun.