Sunday, August 03, 2008

I love/hate when this happens...

I love when this happens:
Twenty miles in the humidity and my splits were still spot on!

Yesterday I ran with Angie (a girl from the MN Tri Club, whom I'd not met before)... but it turned out she and I were exactly the same speed. It's so awesome when you are just running along chatting, not thinking, "boy I hope I'm not holding her back" or "boy I sure want to run faster". Love when that happens! So I'll put her number in with Holly, Terri and Susan, etc because it's so hard to find a running partner like that!

Our goal was to average 9:45, we averaged 9:50 instead, and here are our splits:
1 - 9:48
2- 9:36
3- 9:56
4- 9:40
5- 9:44
6- 9:48
7- 9:44
8- 9:50
9- 9:48
10- 10:22 (potty stop)
11- 9:47
12- 9:49
13- 10:00 (refill water bottles)
14- 9:36
15- 9:49
16- 10:07 (refill water)
17- 9:32
18- 9:37
19- 9:38
20- 10:11 (arrive at cars)
Total time 3:16:30 We totally would have met our goal of 9:45 if we hadn't had the potty stop. water re-filling, so I am counting it as pretty nearly spot-on.

I hate when this happens:
Leaving the phone on the bumper and then going through the car wash, not even noticing it was there until after we drove to the grocery store, shopped, and returned to the car to load them up. Arghhhhh. Not again!!!
So I ordered my new, sleeker, smaller, faster version of the iPhone which will hopefully be here in 10 days.