Sunday, April 22, 2007

Trail Mix

Yesterday was the 25K Trail Mix - it was a beautiful day, even though the two-loop course had us twice running up the back side and down the front side of the ski jump... you really only want to ever do that once, if you know what I mean. Have you ever seen the event in the Olympics called ski jumping? Well, we have one right here in the Minneapolis suburbs. It's steep. It's where the Trail Mix is held.

This is me with Mark, Maggie, and Becca - all fellow triathletes. You can see downtown in the far horizon. Tac Boy started out with Trimama, then made a cameo appearance (maybe 30 seconds) to run with me, then scooted ahead toward Marz_Racer - not sure if he ever caught him. You sure must have had a lot of social obligations Tac - everybody said you ran with them for a while, before running ahead!

I averaged a little over 10 minute miles, which was good considering it was so hilly. But this was 15 miles, and Wildflower is only 13, so it was good training for that race, which is only a couple weeks away.

The best part - I almost forgot! I got "recognized" by a fellow blogger! Julie was working the volunteer desk at packet pickup... So nice meeting you, Julie! She's the one who runs ultras... ;-)