Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Last weekend we went up to Laura's dad's cabin for some R&R.
We celebrated the birthdays of Greg (10th), Jeff (4th), Laura, (today! the 11th) and Ally (26th).
Ally made a cake - very cute.
We tooled around onthe pontoon, dug up clams and let the sunnies eat them out of our hands.
Jeff's dog Pischka let Nick know he was her favorite.
Laura's dad is just the best.

Ally never did get in the water (?).

We went for a short but hilly run, and swam partway across the lake.
Nick gave Ally some fishing tips...
... and they worked!

Bob and Bobby were up in Canada for some fishing for the week. I really missed them! But they are home now. Summer is really winding down. Time to get online and get those new school uniforms ordered.