Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a difference a day makes.

We had quite a swing in temperature - a 43 degree swing to be precise - and so today I ran 14 or so miles  outside, wearing in a running skirt. Average was a steady 9:22's. It was 38 degrees and beautiful - sunny, breezy - perfect. I don't often run alone, so I cranked up the iTunes and did a two loop course near my house. Anyone who wants my running playlist, email me at ironjenny@mac.com, and I'll send it right over.

Ten weeks and counting to my first marathon of the summer - Fargo Marathon! I've already posted why I love this race, but I really do. After Fargo I have (the inaugural) Minneapolis Marathon, and then June 7th I've got Deadwood in South Dakota. Another favorite. 

Last time I did Deadwood, Holly and I stayed in the haunted Bullock Hotel Annex. I hope this time I get to  hear and see strange things. Holly heard stuff last visit there, but but didn't bother waking me up, which is why she only a second-ring best friend now. 
Darren's coming over for a kitchen spin tonight, so I better get cracking at the kids' homework.

Don't forget to send me all your best vibes, karma, or prayers for my four hour "meeting" with "andasmile" tomorrow. 

Enjoy the warm weather today!!