Friday, February 20, 2009

Training update, etc.

Yesterday Beth and I ran 13 from her house - it was windy and freezing but we figured it was supposed to snow today, so we toughed it out and as it turns out it was gorgeous today! Oh well - made us tough. ;-) She's the best running hostess - even packed us each a little cooler with gatorade and gel with a little note on top so no one would steal them. 

Tomorrow the long run (gearing up to the May marathons) will end with breakfast at the pancake house with the team. [Yeessssssss]. Holly and I will likely start early to get in a few extra miles, so anyone wanting to join us should call by 6:00a.m. If you are coming for breakfast, speak up now so we have the reservation number right!

Has ANYONE seen Marty Slater? We last saw him after the finish at Whistlestop in Ashland Wisconsin last October, and haven't heard from him since. Holly and Guy have called and called and he hasn't returned them, so I am getting worried. In the last 6 years he's never just dropped off the face of the planet... except that time he went to Ireland for work for a few weeks... so I'm sending out an APB on him.

IronRobert's been gone a week and we really miss him. Even Bob was weepy when he cleaned his room and changed the sheets. Robert's been like a family member and we really miss having him around. Nobody is as good as he is at Rock Band so I don't even go down there anymore - we suck!!

HAve a great day everyone - xoxo