Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meeting Pharmie; Nick's OK; Party at Greg's

We got to meet and ride with Pharmie! She and Steve only live about 20 miles away, and we read each other's blogs, so we finally arranged to bike together. Steve had to prepare for school which is starting in a couple days, but Pharmie trekked out to Medina to ride. We love Pharmie!

... who is on the right, followed by Robert, Eric, me, Nick, and Rachel (the friend who took the picture that is now my profile pic).

It was a great ride until......

While we were pedaling along at probably 22 mph, a woman in a white car raced ahead of the cyclists in an attempt to get ahead of them before making her right turn. Though Nick braked and skidded for 38 feet, he still hit the back corner of her car. It was one of the scariest things to see one of your truly nearest and dearest laying on the pavement and being whisked away in an ambulance. Luckily, he is recovering and did not break any bones.

Eric rode over Nick's bike and has a bent frame, but he is okay, too.

My husband came to pick up those who couldn't continue. We started as seven, and then there were three. Very scary.

Laura's birthday is in August, so we had one final party for the August birthdays at IronGreg's house. Here we are on the pontoon with our host, Greg. Thank you Greg! It was a beautiful night!

Greg, Laura and Tim.

Tim, Sue, Andy, Karen, Robert and Dave enjoying birthday snacks while cruising around Lake Minnetonka and the channels in between.

Sue and Andy. Mother and son. I love these people. Andy and his father Dave did Ironman Zurich together this summer and last week Andy got a tattoo matching his dad's. How cool.

Nick, Rachel, Andy, Helen, me, Sue, Laura

... and the evening ended with a full moon overlooking the deck at Greg's.