Monday, October 22, 2007

Here's a rule that I actually like!

Those of us doing Ironman Florida received this email today...

Notice in regard to family members through the finish line
Due to increased concerns about safety in regard to the finish line area at North America Sports events, the following policy has been put in place.
Athletes will be allowed to cross the finish line area with one family member ONLY. Please respect your fellow athletes by adhering to this policy. If this policy is not followed at NA Sports events, we will be forced to eliminate the privilege completely. Please adhere to the following points as well.
Please only have persons accompany you that can run through under their own power. We recommend children only be allowed from the age of 6 and up. No carrying of infants. Many athletes are not coherent enough to handle infants safely.
NO PETS OF ANY KIND. Crossing the finish line with an animal of any kind will be grounds for disqualification.
Please understand that the Ironman is a unique accomplishment for ALL competitors. Many athletes who do not run through with a family member have had their photos ruined at events due to excessive congestion.

Also remember that safety is our primary concern.

Thank youNorth America Sports Staff

Much as I hate to spoil the fun for those athletes who bring their families to share their accomplishment, this is great news to me because...

I don't even HAVE a finish photo from Brazil '06 because some guy had at least ten family members kneeling and posing for a group shot as I tried to squeeze past them.

I think this is a fair ruling and I hope people adhere to it. We ALL have a right to be there, including those of us who are lame enough to even bother showing up to do an Ironman without our families. We ALL still want a finishline picture!!!!

p.s. My race number is 2487...