Saturday, October 06, 2007

"The Greatest Night of the Whole Year!"

... according to Ally.

It happens only once a year.

The FDD.

The "Father-Daughter Dance."

We ordered her dress online, and she was SOOO excited when it arrived in the mail just hours before the dance. (I know, I know... these kinds of last minute things happen a lot. But I've been out of the running for Mother Of The Year since, like February, so, whatever. It will be different in 2008, I promise.)

Her tennis lesson ended at 5:45 so we raced home, stopping at Target to buy a curling iron, and she was undressing all the way upstairs - clothes dropping everywhere - to shower. We dried and then curled her hair (for the 1st time) - and she was so sentimental about it. She would give a little bounce and then giddily she'd say, "Omigosh! This is my first time to ever have my hair curled!" She's seven, but that's actually true.

I was so impressed when Bob came out with a tie that matched her dress. Thanks, Honey! You both look great - have a good time!