Saturday, September 15, 2007

This will come as a total shock

September 4th I noticed my heart feeling like it had a rubber band around it. The first hard beat would pound up into my throat, like it was trying to gag me. Then 2 - 12 gradually lighter beats until it just felt like a vibration in my stomach, making me feel nauseas - not puking, but just like you feel when your pregnant. Have you ever veered too far off the road and run over those rumble strips? Like that. Only in my stomach. Then no beats at all. Then WHAM there goes another first beat again.
So Friday (before WI) I went to Urgent Care where the PA heard what I was describing, and ordered an EKG. Then he sent me to my primary care guy to also took an EKG and ordered bloodwork. He heard what I was describing, too, and sent me to a cardiologist. He hooked me up to a monitor for 24hours, sent me for an echocardiogram and an MRI. (If you are not claustrophobic, the MRI machine will convert you.)

So, the cardiologist called me yesterday afternoon.

You've got a problem with your rhythm and it appears to be viral in nature.

The echo looks okay.

The MRI shows that all your parts are the right size.

The holter monitor indicates that you are indeed experiencing this all day and all night.

Start taking these two medications (Metoprolol and Flecainide) and come back Monday for another EKG.

Your test from your primary care guy indicated hypothyroidism, so we need to do some more blood work on that.

No, you can't go to Colorado on the 19th for the relay, and no, you should not do Twin Cities Marathon.

Hypothyroidism? I read the symptoms and I'm nothing like that. (Although I wouldn't mind having an excuse for not losing those last 10 pounds or so). I have not fainted, but get dizzy when I stand up fast; and I am experiencing shortness of breath, but nothing that a good long inhale doesn't fix.

But I am freaked out about the virus. And I'm a little freaked out that the cardiologist gave me a number where he can be reached all Saturday and Sunday. And he said if I feel really lightheaded to go straight to the ER.

Do you guys know anything about this? Am I about to be one of those freakish stories? I gotta tell you I was so happy and relieved when I woke up this morning.

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