Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two New Topics - phew!


Bobby went to overnight camp last week for 5 nights. I missed him so badly that when the day came to pick him up, I was up around 5:00 a.m. I made coffee, putzed around for a while... then just got in the car and headed out. I arrived about 2 hours before we were supposed to ... I excused my early arrival with something lame like, "hmmm - guess there wasn't much traffic today!" but I was so eager to find him that I was practically weepy. How embarrassing for him!
He LOVED camp. They had archery, swimming, rock climbing, "muscle-building", sailing, hydro-biking, a GIGANTIC rope swing, body boards, volleyball, tubing and skiing... He really didn't want to leave. He wanted to know if he could stay another week. Heck, I want to go to this camp, too! I wonder if they have my age group... Anyway, he will definitely go back next year. The counselors were amazing. I could tell they were having as much fun as the kids, and the pictures from their albums were great.

Art Wall
So my Art Wall project is going to be great! This is the before picture. The color is called "Concord Ivory" but it's too yellow for me. So I'm changing it to an Art Wall - It will be covered with colorful paintings and photos that I or my friends created. Cool! I painted the pink flower to start...

Then I decided to paint the wall a super dark color, but it's not dark enough... it looks too much like the carpet in the great room... gonna go with black and hope it ties in well with the staircase. Keep in mind the wall will be COVERED in colorful artwork. The black will only be peeking out from between all this artwork.The other yellow walls will be the gray that you can see I just started on.

I've mentioned it to a couple people so far (Thanks Stronger, Curley Su, AZ07!!) ... and they have sent me files so I can purchase their photos at Kodak Gallery and get them matted and framed.
Soo..... if you'd like to see your work on my wall (and I would LOVE to have it!) please email me a full size .jpg of your favorite photo (or acrylic or watercolor!) and I will get it up here. Thanks in advance!

My email address is jennymoore@mchsi.com