Saturday, March 14, 2009

Training update

Today Nick, Terri, Erin and I did our long run. I ended up going a bit extra and did 20 miles at about 9:40's. I'm glad to have that first long run under my belt as I've got all long races left for the year. I felt great the whole run, but my calves are screaming because....

On Thursday night I did Johnnie Jensen's spin workout - it's inSANE. It was two hours long, a wattage based class with steady holding drills at 250 watts, high gear sprints from a dead stop (like large chain ring in front - I ride a 55 tooth - and 12 in back) - get to 250 watts and then hold the wattage for 10 seconds, then brake to stop and do it again... for eight minute sets. The sweat was dripping off my EVERYTHING -- ping, ping, ping, ping. Every half hour we'd dismount and take a race-transition speed "break" by running the stairs - two flights per lap, 20 laps... not just running, but HOPPING on two feet all the way up two flights, running down; then two laps lunge-walking every-other-step, then running back down. Twenty. Laps. Then back to the bikes for more wattage work. We did 60 stair laps, then  for our last "break" we did lunges up and down the hallway. I'm guessing it was at least 72 lunges. And then back on the bikes. It was CRAZY. 

Which is why I can't wait to go back next week.

But the hopping of the stairwell left my calves really tight, so after running 20 today, I think my legs are screaming for a break.

But it's going to be 60 degrees tomorrow so Terri and I (and maybe Erin) are going to get at least an hour on our bikes outside. Nick -- I'll call you in the morning -- Vamanos!!

On a sad note, Amanda the lamb died at the age of one week. Apparently her mom abandoned her because something was indeed wrong with her. On the 6th day, she stopped eating, and the vet put her to sleep on the 7th. What a short life for such a sweet girl. But she got a lot of love and attention from all her people friends, and she sure gave a lot of love to us. Rest in peace, sweet Amanda.

Bobby had his final game today for basketball. They ended up in fourth place overall, and they lost to Heritage's team (Bobby plays for our church, not for his school, Heritage). So he played against a bunch of 5th graders in his class. It was a close game that we lost by only two points. Bobby said that while it would have been awesome to win, it was better to lose to a bunch of friends than to lose to a bunch of jerks. 

He's right. And it was fun cheering for both teams at the game!