Friday, February 27, 2009

That pesky virtue, Patience...

Well, I heard from Coke this afternoon... telling me that I need to wait another week. Dang!  I was SO... hoping it was an "offer call!"

But I suppose I could look at this waiting period as an opportunity to hone my patience skills while the paperwork gets properly shuffled. But I would be lyin' if I said I wasn't even a teeny bit worried that I won't get an offer. Because you never know - on Monday somebody up top may say "okay fellas, there's gonna be a hiring freeze" or "the president's nephew is moving to Minneapolis and wants a job"... or anything, really. 

I can do this.
Breathe again. 

This job would be a blast and I really, really want it. The people I met are GREAT - I'd hang out with these people in real life, they are a TEAM, they're funny, they love what they do, they sell Coca Cola everyday, ya know? what's not to love?

So anyway, the kids and I are heading to Chicago tomorrow for my dad's 80th birthday party. We'll have dinner Saturday night at a restaurant, brunch Sunday morning at my niece's, then come home. In and out.  

Fortunately, I did my long run on Tuesday:
1- 9:28
2- 9:26
3- 9:24
4- 9:24
5- 9:26
6- 9:32
7- 9:33
8- 9:20
9- 9:10
10- 8:59
11- 9:11
12- 9:10
13- 9:33
14- 9:21

I will likely spin tomorrow morning with the FCA Endurance Team at Brickyard Bikes in Chaska.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swim challenge

Like me, my spin training buddy Darren, has also been struggling to get his butt in the pool lately, so we have challenged each other to 15 swims between now and the end of March. It works out to be 2 or more per week. 
So today after lifting with Beth, Brenda and Chris, I got in and swam a few yards. The water was really warm, making me feel so sluggish - but at least I got in there. I think I get lazy about the swim because I already know how to swim, and I am "fast enough", and even on an oceanic Ironman it's only an hour or so of the whole day... so even if I work really hard, I may only slice 5 minutes off my day, so what's the point? In an Olympic race I may shave off a mere 60 seconds - so big deal! 
Whereas, when you look at the run portion of this multisport, I have no fewer than 6 marathons on the calendar (and one's an ultra - a 50 mile trail race called Moose Mountain - lots of craggy, rocky, single-track - AWESOME!!! bring it!!!), so I feel like there's more purpose to getting my speed work, hills and long runs in.
Arghhh - but I can't let Darren win the swim challenge, so I'll be up bright and early tomorrow counting strokes and flip turns. Game on!

Robert updated his FB page yesterday, so here he is (center) in Fort Lewis, WA with a couple buddies. They will be there a few more weeks before mobilizing back to the Middle East.

Ally's been baking him treats and they've been txt-ing. It's so cute. He's like a favorite uncle to them, and a little brother to me, so we miss him a lot. 

On the Coca Cola front (yeah - that's who I've been interviewing with), I had another great day with them yesterday. I can talk openly about it now because as of today I officially pulled my hat out of the ring with the other company(s) I had been talking to. I just didn't have a passion for them, and felt it was wrong not to come clean with that. 

I should hear something one way or the other tomorrow from Coke. I totally believe in their products, I USE their products,  share their philosophy, and embrace their declared "culture". I have a lot to offer them, and I want to be on this team. Even if I am not selected, I still think I did the right thing pulling my name from my back-ups. But I don't have an offer yet, so keep those vibes, karma, and prayers coming!

We are having ANOTHER blizzard right now (what the ???), so I am going to get the kids from school early now - have a great day everybody. 

Anybody want to ski tomorrow? Helen? Denny? You guys back in town??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a difference a day makes.

We had quite a swing in temperature - a 43 degree swing to be precise - and so today I ran 14 or so miles  outside, wearing in a running skirt. Average was a steady 9:22's. It was 38 degrees and beautiful - sunny, breezy - perfect. I don't often run alone, so I cranked up the iTunes and did a two loop course near my house. Anyone who wants my running playlist, email me at, and I'll send it right over.

Ten weeks and counting to my first marathon of the summer - Fargo Marathon! I've already posted why I love this race, but I really do. After Fargo I have (the inaugural) Minneapolis Marathon, and then June 7th I've got Deadwood in South Dakota. Another favorite. 

Last time I did Deadwood, Holly and I stayed in the haunted Bullock Hotel Annex. I hope this time I get to  hear and see strange things. Holly heard stuff last visit there, but but didn't bother waking me up, which is why she only a second-ring best friend now. 
Darren's coming over for a kitchen spin tonight, so I better get cracking at the kids' homework.

Don't forget to send me all your best vibes, karma, or prayers for my four hour "meeting" with "andasmile" tomorrow. 

Enjoy the warm weather today!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Speed workout

It was -5 degrees this morning, so Beth and I did speed work at the Dome. I forgot how much I like speed work - it really makes the time go by so fast.
We did these laps - a dome lap is 1/5 mile:
3 - warm up (10:00 ish)
1 - marathon pace (9:30 ish)
1 - fast (8:30)
1 - 9:30
2 - 8:20 ish
1 - 9:30
3 - 8:15 ish
1 - 9:30
1 - 8:15
1 - 9:30
2 - 8:15
1 - 9:30
3 - 7:55
1 - 9:30

I really was haulin' for the last fast 3-lapper and it felt great. The dome is about 50 degrees and it's on ground rubber pellets, so it feels awesome to run in there.

Afterward, I had to rush still sweating, out the door to get to Bible study with my neighbors. I love this one - it's a Beth Moore and we are studying the book of Daniel. It really hits home and I love her courses.

This afternoon I am hitting some stores and talking to the [plural nouns] so I can have all my ducks in a row for my [number]th [noun] with ["and a smile"]. I [adverb] [adverb] [verb] this [noun]! 


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let it snow!

Last night we got another 4 inches of fresh snow - now I wish I had registered for the American Birkebeiner (34 mile cross country ski race) this year because the race is tomorrow and the conditions are perfect!!!

But I did get up early to meet Guy at 6:30 this morning to run a few extra miles before meeting the rest of the group at 7:30. Here is a pic just before the sun rose and made everything all shiny and bright.
Nothing had been plowed except the road between the park entrance and the beach, so we just ran back and forth to the lake. Sounds horribly boring, but it wasn't! - it's a winding road with beautiful forest and ski trails on either side, and everything was covered with snow and we got to watch the sunrise through the trees...  so it worked. We had aimed for 15 or so miles, but only managed 11 because it was just so darn ICY... and the wind -whew. It's a hilly road down to the water and we were all just slipping and sliding all over the place - My Garmin said I burned 968 calories, but I'm fairly certain I get extra credit for the core workout of just holding myself upright. ;-)

After the run the 8 of us went to The Original Pancake House in Maple Grove. (Susan L - where are the pics??) It was my first time there and I can't say I loved it. But man, people line up outside just to get in. It's the Swedish kind of paannenkukens (I'm sure I misspelled that), which are really egg-y griddle baked cakes slathered in sugar and apples and probably cream and butter. It tasted okay, but was probably thousands of calories. Maybe I'll get on the trainer tonight. Nah - that's a lie. ;-)

Bobby's friend Jeremy, (Guy and Susan's son -- I've posted pics of them running 5k's together - they're in 5th and 6th grade) is the goalie for his hockey team, and today he got a shut-out in the tournament! Way to go Jeremy! It was his first one this season and you should have seen his teammates pounce on him after the final buzzer. They were thrilled; it was awesome. He played a really great game and they won 3-0. They play again tomorrow so maybe we'll bring our good luck and cheer him on. Gotta see what else is on the calendar, but it was a really exciting game.

Have a good night everybody!

p.s. - if you are running with Gear West tomorrow at 8:00 - call me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Training update, etc.

Yesterday Beth and I ran 13 from her house - it was windy and freezing but we figured it was supposed to snow today, so we toughed it out and as it turns out it was gorgeous today! Oh well - made us tough. ;-) She's the best running hostess - even packed us each a little cooler with gatorade and gel with a little note on top so no one would steal them. 

Tomorrow the long run (gearing up to the May marathons) will end with breakfast at the pancake house with the team. [Yeessssssss]. Holly and I will likely start early to get in a few extra miles, so anyone wanting to join us should call by 6:00a.m. If you are coming for breakfast, speak up now so we have the reservation number right!

Has ANYONE seen Marty Slater? We last saw him after the finish at Whistlestop in Ashland Wisconsin last October, and haven't heard from him since. Holly and Guy have called and called and he hasn't returned them, so I am getting worried. In the last 6 years he's never just dropped off the face of the planet... except that time he went to Ireland for work for a few weeks... so I'm sending out an APB on him.

IronRobert's been gone a week and we really miss him. Even Bob was weepy when he cleaned his room and changed the sheets. Robert's been like a family member and we really miss having him around. Nobody is as good as he is at Rock Band so I don't even go down there anymore - we suck!!

HAve a great day everyone - xoxo

Friday, February 13, 2009

Godspeed to Maj. Robert V. Younger

Friday the 13th. Lucky or unlucky? I'm banking that it's just another day... so I'll take what the day brings me and then make what I can of it. 

It was still dark when the kids and I left to take IronRobert to the armory this morning. He and his fellow troops left today for (re)deployment to Iraq. They'll remain stateside for a couple months before they mobilize, but we won't be able to see him or visit. Seeing the soldiers all in their uniforms; their families up before the crack of dawn to say goodbye... was moving. 

Actually, "moving" doesn't adequately describe it. But which words would? It's not easy to describe. You want to be cheerful and controlled, but all you really feel is scared and sad and ungrounded. And also enormously proud and thankful and angry and honored and impressed... and then you circle back to scared and sad and then your heart feels like it's being squashed and there's not quite enough oxygen in the room. We miss you already, friend. Please know we will be thinking of you always - everyday - and praying for your safety.

These are the two guys that will be working closely with Robert. I asked them to take care of him. If you pray, please add these two guys. I don't know their names, but if you just pray for "the two guys working with Robert," God will know who you mean. It sounds like a really interesting job, but it's dangerous and they need your thoughts and prayers. All the service men and women do.

We said goodbye and then the kids and I cried all the way to school.

On a brighter note, I pulled myself together and had a great meeting [when] at [where] with two [individuals] from ["and a smile"] about the [noun] . Hopefully I will have details to share in the next couple of weeks. One of the [adjective] [plural noun]s I dined with said this is like a marathon and I'm at mile 24. To those awesome friends who provided [prose] at a moment's notice, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is no one in the universe who has greater friends than I do, and I love you all so much!

Below is a group shot of dinner last night with IronRobert. 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!