Monday, February 23, 2009

Speed workout

It was -5 degrees this morning, so Beth and I did speed work at the Dome. I forgot how much I like speed work - it really makes the time go by so fast.
We did these laps - a dome lap is 1/5 mile:
3 - warm up (10:00 ish)
1 - marathon pace (9:30 ish)
1 - fast (8:30)
1 - 9:30
2 - 8:20 ish
1 - 9:30
3 - 8:15 ish
1 - 9:30
1 - 8:15
1 - 9:30
2 - 8:15
1 - 9:30
3 - 7:55
1 - 9:30

I really was haulin' for the last fast 3-lapper and it felt great. The dome is about 50 degrees and it's on ground rubber pellets, so it feels awesome to run in there.

Afterward, I had to rush still sweating, out the door to get to Bible study with my neighbors. I love this one - it's a Beth Moore and we are studying the book of Daniel. It really hits home and I love her courses.

This afternoon I am hitting some stores and talking to the [plural nouns] so I can have all my ducks in a row for my [number]th [noun] with ["and a smile"]. I [adverb] [adverb] [verb] this [noun]! 



DV said...

a 4th interview with coca cola??? could there be a move to atl too???!!!

greyhound said...

Go get 'em IJ.

Now, about this -5 . . . do they really have negative numbers. I thought below zero was not possible or some old wive's tale.

Beth said...

You were super speedy this morning! Glad you made it to your study group. :)

Danielle in Iowa said...

Gees, in my world, speed workouts seem to take forever!

Borsch said...

Good job in the intervals! I'll be there tomorrow!

Kona Shelley said...

You are speedy no doubt..:-)