Friday, March 06, 2009

Amanda and Coke

Meet Amanda - she's three days old! She's a little lamb that Jenn rescued after her mother rejected her. She'll be going to live on Jenn's parents' farm tomorrow. She's adorable! The kids got to bottle feed her and it was so cool! She's so sweet. (So is the lamb.) 
She's wearing a diaper. (the lamb.) ;-)

Nick, you are such a natural with that bottle - te-he-he.

IronLaura, Ally, Bobby and Amanda-the-Lamb. Isn't she adorable?

... of course what night would be complete without a little RockBand? Here are Bobby, Ally, and Tony trying not to get boo'ed off the stage...

And finally - finally! -- Yes, I did get the position at Coke! It is official as soon as I pass the drug test and the background check, which are next week. But Dan (my boss's boss) called today to let me know so that I didn't have to go through the weekend without having heard from him. Good thing I don't have any felonies on my record.


7:00 a.m. running the downtown lakes - starting at Calhoun Executive Center - be there!!

Dad's 80th Birthday

Last weekend the kids and I went to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday. All four of us kids were there, along with 4 of their grandkids and one grandkid-in-law and one significant other. It was nice to see everyone since we rarely get together all at once.

This is my mom, brother Rick, Dad, sister Katie in the back row, and in front is my brother Dave, and Bobby and Ally and Chubs the boxer.

This is at the restaurant - Bobby and Ally are being tempted and spoiled with [virgin] hurricanes. My parents are both from New Orleans.

This is my brother Rick, my mom, me, my dad (notice he is standing up - he had a stroke three years ago but he can get out of his wheelchair now and took a few steps for us), and Bobby, Ally, and my little brother Dave.

This is my mom - after chowing at dinner the night before, we also had brunch at my niece's house on Sunday.

Dave, me and Bobby.

Back in Minneapolis, I burned off some of those calories with a kitchen spin. Here are me, Nick, Dia, Laura and Erik rocking out to the hip tunes of Coach Troy. (not! don't you wish we could plug our own music onto his DVD's -- it's horrible, horrible music!)

... and then everybody left. If you're not spinning all winter long in Minnesota, you will rue those first spring rides. This is a great way to keep your "bike legs," AND stay in touch with your buddies. I love my training group. You guys make it fun and make it all worthwhile! xoxoxox

On a final note, I did my 17 miler this week (averaged 9:25's), followed by about 8 miles (recovery) the next day, so my running legs are getting in shape too. T-minus 64 days to Fargo Marathon!