Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl at the Gunther's

Before the game the Gunther's hosted a spin session on the veranda. It was about 10 below zero, but Coach Troy had the Gear West Tri Club "Sweatin' to Spinervals". That's IronLaura, Dia, Marz Racer, and Steve below.

Lake Minnewashta is in the background, where a few minutes later two wild coyotes ran across. (Durn varmints!) Here are IronLaura and Helen toasting their martinis-in-styrofoam.

Eric, TaconiteBoy, and Greg watching the game:

After the game (so who won, anyway?) We ran out back, swam in the snow a bit, then hustled over to the hot tub. Seems everything gets turned into a triathlon... Below are Jeff, me and IronLaura. It seriously was 10 below and that is steam coming off our bodies.

Below is our Cheerleader Tryouts picture: Helen, me, IronLaura, Steve, Jeff and Greg.

Below Steve is verifying the temperature. That's our own Koach Kris' picture on the wall. He couldn't be here with us, so in true Minne-sow-tah fashion, we put him on a stick... He was at a coaching clinic in Green Bay.

Many of you know TriJack is coming to Zurich with us.... Buddy, did you know what you were getting into? Will you last a week with these people????