Sunday, May 16, 2010

First run in....

... weeks and weeks. I joined my nieghbor Susan and all the other ladies from kettlebell class for a 5 mile run. I think it was just the right distance for my fist day back. It's a gorgeous day here in MN today - about 70 degrees, clear, gently breezy. We think we averaged about 9:40's, so I guess I can say that in two months you don't atually lose much speed. But I do admit I was ready to stop when we did.

Then the kids and I went to church at the later service. It was about how we are all sinners, every last one of us. We all need a Savior. I am so thankful I have one!

When we got home, Guy was back form running the Superior 50K. I wished so much I could have done it. But I hear it was very muddy... Guy actually lost a shoe in the mud, and had to run almost an hour to the next aid station with one shoe. How lame he felt sitting there, poking in the mud with a stick and trying to locate the shoe before giving up! See what I mean about trail running being a different kind of adventure? I don't know of anyone who ever ran out of their shoe and lost it. Ha!