Monday, July 28, 2008

Chisago Half Ironman - new PR!!

Yesterday I raced the half IM up in Chisago. I was really happy with my race and it was better than last year's time and is my new PR for this distance!

2007 - last year
swim - 34:04
T1 - 1:43
bike: 2:50:13
T2 - 1:12
run - 2:17:00
TOTAL - 5:44:31

swim - 36:10 (OK maybe I do need to train a little)
T1 - 1:28
bike: 2:38:51 (20.9 mph)
T2 - :54
run: 2:00:57 (9:14s?)
TOTAL - 5:18:22.8!!!

I would liked to have gone 21 mph on the bike, but just missed it. But since I don't (and won't)  draft, I guess I should be happy that that is how fast I can go on my own personal power, not the collective power of a pack. Speaking of which, I again was annoyed all day watching groups of 2 to 10 enjoying the bliss of believing it was THEY who were so fast, not the fact that they were in a collective wind gust.

OY! I wish that on race-packet-pick-up day, or maybe as we register on-line, that we would have to fill out a 4-question questionaire about the rules of drafting (and blocking). I have to think that yes, there are many who cheat on purpose, but perhaps also many others (especially the hoards of newbies) who don't know it's illegal, or why it's illegal. They really do just blissfully think they are somehow 30% faster on race day than when they train on their own between races. But there is still nothing like getting passed by a guy in an aero helmet, a $10K bike with a disc wheel, whizzing by with about 8 inches between him and the guy in front of him. Grrrrr. OK, take a deep breath.... ;-)

Anyway, off the soapbox.

TriMom came in from Wisconsin and stayed with me - Kim did awesome, beating her previous PR by about 45 minutes. She was shooting for a 6:30 and did a 6:24. Great job! We went to church the night before and hung out, and I just have to say what fun it is to be around her - so fun, funny, and easygoing. Not to mention smoking fast on her bike!

Lots of other bloggers were there, too - Steve in a Speedo (who did awesome in the sprint - he can run a 5K under 20 minutes after swimming and biking... wow). He didn't even wear his underwear over tights during the race! I can only imagine what it's like to be really, really fast --- well fed , well-rested and well-trained, only to have Steve fly past you, wearing a costume, (fueled by a can of spaghettios and spray-can cheese product!)---  as you are high-tailing it and feelin' proud during in your "A" race. 

Bwahahahahah! ;-)

Jumper and his camera were there, with Miss Alleycat and Danielle from Iowa. Thanks Danielle for talking to me on the run - I was getting hot and tired and getting ready to start walking, just as you cruised by on your bike...

Some of my other friends that I used to just run with raced, too and - everyone did really well. It was the first half IM distance for Diane, Holly and Erin - woohoot!!

Anyway, here are a couple more pictures from yesterday - IronNick said he took a lot of good ones, too, but he hasn't loaded them yet. I'll add them after I get them.

Jumper took this one of me coming into the finish chute.

Me and Erin after the race. I came in 2nd in my age group so I got a trophy. ;-)

Me with my friend Mark (he did Phoenix marathon and Liberty Oly with Erin and me).  You can see the humidity on the air - ughhhh. As Mark was dismounting after the bike yesterday he slipped off his bike shoe and crashed right in front of everyone cheering in transition. He took a bow and continued sprinting off on the run portion. Great recovery and great road rash, dude!