Saturday, September 22, 2007

9/22 Yesterday's EP meeting

Hi Everybody - I really, really, really appreciate having so many of you wishing me well, posting, PRAYING. It does help and I want to thank you.
Yesterday I met with the first electrophysiologist (Dr. Melby) who said it does indeed point to a heart-attacking virus, although he was perplexed that I didn't first catch a whole-body virus that left me vomiting and feverish, but I didn't. He took me off of the two meds that the regular cardiologist had me on because even though they had been doubled twice, they were not putting a dent in my symptoms. (Grinding, rumbling heart, tightness, backache, lightheadedness if I stand up too long, the sensation of whole-body oxygen-debt if I walk up the stairs, etc.)

So now I am taking Indomethacin and Cartia XT. Hopefully the latter will ease the tightness. Dr. Melby said that I have paracarditis, which is affecting the lining of the heart, not the muscle, which is GOOD, and that's why I feel the tightness in my chest and upper back. I will likely be in this for another two months, but when it's over, he expects I won't have any lingering symtoms.
But that still makes Twin Cities marathon a definite "no", and Ironman Florida a "probably no". Even if I have whipped the virus, byNovember, I will not have trained a single day for 9 weeks. So an Ironman would be my first day back? I would have to guess not... even for someone like me who thinks training is overrated!

Anyway, I apparently am having a blast in Colorado.

I got to meet some ponies:

... and Kevin Bacon....

... and I even got to direct traffic! "Slow down 'fore Mama gits yew!!!"

The relay team (Puke-and-Rally) is having some hardships out there. Mark S. tripped and fell tumbling on his 2nd leg, which left him with a nasty gash on his knee and cuts and scrapes on his back. Being dark, I guess there was nothing to do until daylight, but he may need stictches. Brooke got sick and has been just sleeping in the back of her van while her 4 van-mates are running her legs for her. Jeff S completed his 2nd leg only to get to the exchange point, wet and freezing and find that his van went to the wrong exchange point. After 20 minutes he just took off running agian towards the next exchange hoping to meet them, but they were doubling back to meet HIM, so there was some confusion and they lost a lot of time. Last year they were the only team of 5, so obviously they won their category. But this year there are 5 teams of only 5 (called an Ultra team), and they want to hold onto their title.

My van? No hardships, other than aches from incessant bellylaughs. My van has Joe and Jeff and really, I have never known funnier people and to have them BOTH in the same van must really be something. I can't wait to hear wahat Stronger thinkks! So they are having fun, and will have perfectly toned abs by the finish later today.
... now I see I've befriended a bear...
... was taken for a lovely afternoon stroll...
... and have become art in somebody's yard... Joe-Bobby git yer haind offa mah breast!!!