Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What... has it really been almost a month since my last post?
Arghhh - so much has been going on around here since I last posted from the Phoenix marathon/ blogger reunion weekend. I hardly know where to start.

I ran the St. Paul Winter Carnival half marathon last weekend with IronLaura and Erin (some of you met her in Phoenix - she promised she'd start blogging, but I haven't found her blog yet - have you? ;-) and a handful of other Gear West Tri Club runners. We saw Pharmie and Steve and I did take some pictures, but I still have to figure out how to get them from my PC to my Mac. It was lovely - 20's and only mildly windy. Laura and Erin ran ahead of me (would you believe I was talking and taking pictures), so they had to wait for me to finish, but I ran it in 2:14. I was happy enough.

I have my first ski race this weekend, but I have yet to get on my skis this year. Laura and I are hoping to get on them tonight after work. We will surely suck in the race, but at least we'll have cute outfits on and our matching hats, like last year.

I turned 46 on Superbowl Sunday and Bob gave me a Mac laptop for my birthday (which I got to open about a week early). So I've been going to Mac College - one hour a week - college in the mall - how great is that? Some young Mac savvy kid teaches me the little things that PC users need to unlearn. Like holding the "fn" button while deleting, so you can delete forward, not just backwards. And how to get to the end of a line of text in one move rather than holding down the right arrow one character at a time. (That was going to drive me crazy.) And how to enter calendar events in different colors for each family member. So now I must learn how to load pictures onto my blog. I JUST figured out how to get them from my camera to the Mac. 
Anyway, Laura and Greg had us over to watch the Giants beat the Patriots and TriNick,


Robert, IronKaren and IronTimmy came, too. Our friend from the Czech republic arrived on Saturday for a couple weeks, so Nick brought him over. The kids played with Zurich (who is seriously the most beautiful yellow lab) and everybody had fun. Thanks for the party Laura and Greg - I love you!

Oh - and here's some must see"