Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, I finally had my first real bike crash. Coming into the parking lot after our 52 miler on Sunday, I flipped over a speed bump. Hard to imagine but I was TALKING to Laura instead of watching where I was going. What looked to me like painted white and yellow stripes in the road, were really a row of speed bumps.
I went over the handlebars, tried to brace myself with my palms, but landed on my head, cracking my helmet in two. Then I somersaulted, feet flying over my head, and landed on my right hip.
I got up feeling mostly just shaken, but as time has gone by, I've gotten pretty stiff. What at first looked like just a little road rash, is actually a little road rash plus a million bruises - like, everywhere!
I did take a few pictures, but I can't post them without revealing my DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET that I have a bit of celullite. ;-)
So the bruise stat is this: ankle, calf, inside of knee, back of hamstring, glute and hipbone, pubic bone, chest bone, front of quad, right elblow, left wrist, both palms.
Road rash stat is: left elbow, back, right hip, right palm.
Broken bones: zero.
Bike condition: fine.
Helmet: dead. This chunk out of my helmet coulda been a chunk out of my skull!

I am a little old for all this (45!) so I am taking all the time I want to get back in the saddle. I tried to walk/run on the dreadmill yesterday, but ended up only walk/hiking for an hour because every time my right foot hit the mill, my right hip screamed.

Tonight is our weekly club ride, but I don't want to lean on my elbow on my aerobar, nor do I want to hold myself upright with my bruised palms. Arghhhh!

So for the rest of the week, Ironmomjenny will be your go-to blog for dieting and closet-organization tips. ;-)