Monday, July 30, 2007

Busy weekend!

Friday we had the prelims for the kids' Western League Championships meet. Bobby and Ally both qualified for the next days' consolation finals, so we had another full day ahead of us on Saturday. The meet was held at Bear Path Country Club - who put on an awesome meet. They really made the kids feel special - they even had a 30-minute airplane flyover with a towed banner during the warm-up that said "good luck swimmers!" Our team, GoldenValley/Medina Country Club, raced hard and came in 4th place overall. I got to participate in the Very Hotly Contested Parent Relay. We won it that last 3 years, but this year we were JUST out-touched at the very end by 4 parents from the Bear Path team. Oh well, there's time to gear up for next year ;-). It's really cute to hear all the kids yelling, "go Mom! Go Dad!"

Here's Bobby (right) with his friend Peter displaying their hardware from the medley relay.

And here's Ally after finishing in 8th place in the 25m 6-and-under butterfly.

So cute! They had a really fun season of summer-league swim team. The fact that swim team is over is a reminder that the summer is winding down and school will be starting in only 5 more weeks. :-(

Before the meet, I swam in a relay across Lake Minnetonka with IronGirlNyhus and TriNick. The total distance was 5 miles, so we each swam one leg and paddled the canoe for two legs.
Here we are at the start...

... and at the finish! It took us 2 hours and 32 minutes. (Laura, were you goggles tight enough? ;-) just wondering - looks like it's gonna leave a mark!!)

Sunday I did the Chisago Lakes Half Iron-Distance.
I got to meet Trimom! She is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. She did awesome and finished feeling good despite the near 90 degree temperature. I got under 6 hours for the first time ever and ended up getting a plaque for third place for my age group, and Trimom got one for the Athena division, too! I didn't have my camera at Chisago, but Trimom and Nick did, so maybe I will post pics in a day or two.