Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am not alone!!

If you have access to Men's Journal (I don't subscribe, silly, Bob does!)... check out the article on pp. 55-60 of the March 2008 edition, and you will learn all about my "heart condition". 

It sounds almost exactly like me - all the way down to the "spot" on the author's heart - only he describes his as the size of a nickel, where mine is the size of a quarter.

The other key difference is that the author only gets PVC's, where I get those, plus VT's, A-Fibs, SVT's, and Brady's --- all day, all night. While it was a relief to know it's not all that unusual, the article ends like this:
Until your heart is in the bucket, that little spot will remain a mystery."

Which isn't really the "this will go away on its own very soon" answer I was hoping for.