Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday's Whistlestop Marathon went better for me. From the start I wanted to just take what the day brought me, mile by mile. Last weekend's TCMarathon left me feeling unsure and out of control. But I did feel better the second half of TCM, and managed to negative split by about a half hour. 

Anyway, here are my splits from yesterday at Whistlestop (also a negative split!):
1- 10:26
2- 9:23
3- 9:20
4- 9:19
5- 9:29
6- 9:13
7- 9:09
8- 9:19
9- 9:06
10- 9:16
11- 8:55
12- 8:48
13- 9:17
14- 9:04
15- 9:04
16- 9:40
17- 9:14
18- 9:34
19- 8:44
20- 8:35
21- 8:37
22- 8:55
23- 8:42
24- 9:20
25- 8:50
26.2- 10:24
Total time - 3:59:53
For my age group, the Boston qualifier is 4:00:59.  ;-)

I ran with a guy named Tom almost the entire way. I was wearing my FCA-Endurance Team(Fellowship of Christian Athletes)  jersey, and when we passed one other guy who said, "love your shirt!", Tom and I had the opportunity to talk faith a little. He studies lots of religions so it was really interesting and the miles clicked off one by one. I told him that I like endurance sports because I can bring Jesus with me out there and He keeps me company when it's great as well as when it sucks. About the halfway mark, when I was still feeling great, I quietly said a prayer that "if You want to finish this marathon with me, it'd be great to go under 4 hours. But if that's not the Plan, just bring me in feeling good, ok? Amen."

Looking at how fast I got at the end, I can only think that power came from somewhere outside of me. 

Any which way you read it, it was a great race for me and I'm not even sore. (Don't hate me for that, ok?)

I had so much fun with the friends I went with - hugs to Holly, Chae, Diane, Merilee (p.s. - Merilee - you over paid for gas so I owe you some money), Guy, and Marty - you guys are awesome! I also got to see Trimama at the prerace dinner and we did start together, but separated right away. She is going to do great at AZ IM  in a few weeks. Can't wait to follow you and Merilee!!!

Yea!!! Boston! After 29 marathons, I am finally qualified!!!