Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Since I could not say it any better, I will copy what Commodore said on his own blog this morning:

Amidst the merriment of today do not forget that in 1776, some of the greatest men this world has produced created a document that declared for the first time in history that the people of their government could pursue happiness, liberty, justice and capitalism without usurpation and with guaranteed freedom.

I love this country, our United States. Happy Birthday to the most generous country in the world. It and we have provided more food, more money and more aid to more countries than any other on this planet. We have sacrificed the lives of more of its citizens in the defense of freedom and protection of democratic values than any other nation that has ever existed.

We have provided shelter for the bereaved, the weak, the oppressed and the poor from all over the globe. We stood up to tyranny on our own soil, and our foundation of democracy has been duplicated by free-thinking people ever since; seeking to uplift themselves from colonialism and despotism.

A toast to the greatest nation on God's green earth. 

As my nephew Adam prepares for his second tour of duty in Iraq, I say thank you, and let freedom ring!