Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Hello Reality", or "Who Did I think I Was Kidding?"

OK, so I get this great positive outlook pep talk from the new doc, and he says I can run TCMarathon, and that it's okay to jump back into training. So yesterday I set out on a conservative 5.2 mile run. Which takes me 1 hour 6 minutes to complete! I had to walk the last 20 minutes. I felt like I really really really really really really really needed to just lie down. I got home and ate a tbsp of peanut butter on pretzels and drank some more water and that helped pretty fast. But you'd have thought I just ran the marathon. I mean I was SPENT.

I figure I must still have the old beta blocker coursing through my veins. Although upon reading the side effects of the new drug, Sotalol 80 mg, it says it will also make me "tired, weak, short of breath, slowed heartbeat, and dizzy." Arghhh. Is this going to be my new life until I get the ablation?

So if I plan to do this marathon knowing hy HEART is okay, just my ELECTRICAL SYSTEM is whacked, I should probably schedule 6 hours on my Franklin Planner on Sunday the 7th. I certainly also should bring a lunch box because I simply can't go that long without eating. And at that pace, I risk getting to the finishline party after all the pizza is gone.

But as long as the doc says I will live through it, I'd like to go ahead do it beause I've never missed a year at this race since 2001 when it was my very first marathon. And next weekend it will mark my 25th marathon. So as long as I can stay awake for it, I'd like to try it.

On a fun sidenote, remember that my friends were taking pictures of my head on a stick during the Colorado Relay? Well, Holly emailed me yesterday telling me that when they returned the rental minivan, they left my head in the glove box with a note asking to go with them wherever they were traveling, and at some point to mail me home. I wonder if the next car renter will do it? I know I would!