Sunday, October 14, 2007

Test Drive

On my last two 50-mile bike rides I tested a new product that I LOVE. They are the arm-warmers from Zensah. They are so soft you almost can't tell you are even wearing them. They protected me from the 50 degree wind, yet I never felt like I needed to roll them down after I warmed up.

I have worn them twice. I washed them with regular clothes (another bonus - no special care needed) and hung them.

Laura took a picture both times, so I will post them when she gets around to forwarding me the pic. Momo will be glad to know they are available in PINK!!!

I also tested Zensah's compression shorts. While they are super (I mean SUPER) comfortable - no seams, no riding up, no tight or itchy hems, unbeatable breathability - they weren't a style that I would wear. But for the men?... I see you guys wearing compression shorts under your running shorts - you really have to try these - I can't imagine anything else this comfy.

If you head over to Tri-Dogmom's website, you can order online and SAVE 30%...! Go do it! It's her post dated October 10th. You won't regret it. While you are there, check out the winter tops and beanies. I will be buying some of those, too.