Sunday, January 09, 2011

More gifts... 206...

206). Listening to Guy talk on the phone to his old friend Doug, who lives in Charlotte. He and Doug have been friends for ages. I hope we get to see them this summer. Guy has relationships that go so far back, and that says so much for what kind of person he is - that people still want to be friends with him over the decades.
207). Love.
208). Wishing I could let go easier.
209). Today's sermon at Plymouth Covenant Church was about realizing that your ONLY, ONE true thing that will satisfy you is a relationship with Jesus. That is a comfort to know the answer. To like, the biggest question mankind has ever asked.
210). What will bring you contentedness? I have tried placing that on people, on accomplishments, on things, etc. And none has brought me the contentedness that my relationship with Jesus has brought.
211). Finally "getting it" that it really IS all about Jesus. You don't have to keep wondering and looking!
212). Knowing and fully accepting that He is the one! That even though I screw up often, He knows my heart, He knows I try, He knows I will NEVER be perfect, and He still , STILL loves me.
213). It is a gift that I keep getting blessed beyond anything I ever prayed for, or even thought of.
214). That anyone who reads this, only needs to get quiet, listen to the silence, ask for Jesus to reveal Himself, and THERE HE IS. Seriously - that is all it takes. There He is. Talk to Him! He loves it! And trust me, you will, too!
215). It is a gift that I am making a comeback in running. We are up to 8 miles as of yesterday - woo-hoot!!
216). That our (10-13 year old) kids think 70's music is cool. They were pulling it up on their laptops in the kitchen on Friday, and as the music would start, Guy and I would name the tunes! And it would SOOOO take us back to high school! It was the best family night ever.
217). Taking a nap this afternoon for 90 minutes.
218). A clean house.
219). A clean kitchen counter.
220). The sound of our kids laughing. We took them all to see Triple Espresso last night at the old Loring Theatre. They had no idea what it was about, so I just told them I'd give them 5 bucks if they could go through the whole show and not laugh. Eager for 5 bucks, they were CERTAIN they could collect. Bobby had both hands on his cheeks, for the first few lines, and kept looking over at me to see if I saw him laughing, but after about 5 minutes he just smiled at me and said no way - I lose this one!
221). Watching our kids TOTALLY cracking up, like leaning forward and back in their seats, laughing - is a priceless gift.
222). The fact that I first saw this show before I even HAD kids, and it's been running so long that now we have teenagers who loved it.
223). That ANYONE can make shadow figures as funny as the character Bobby Bean did in the show last night.
224). Having two washers and dryers. Laundry for 5 students/ workers/athletes can pile up pretty fast, and you can get twice as much done!
225). That Bobby loves reading The Message Bible for pleasure.