Friday, February 27, 2009

That pesky virtue, Patience...

Well, I heard from Coke this afternoon... telling me that I need to wait another week. Dang!  I was SO... hoping it was an "offer call!"

But I suppose I could look at this waiting period as an opportunity to hone my patience skills while the paperwork gets properly shuffled. But I would be lyin' if I said I wasn't even a teeny bit worried that I won't get an offer. Because you never know - on Monday somebody up top may say "okay fellas, there's gonna be a hiring freeze" or "the president's nephew is moving to Minneapolis and wants a job"... or anything, really. 

I can do this.
Breathe again. 

This job would be a blast and I really, really want it. The people I met are GREAT - I'd hang out with these people in real life, they are a TEAM, they're funny, they love what they do, they sell Coca Cola everyday, ya know? what's not to love?

So anyway, the kids and I are heading to Chicago tomorrow for my dad's 80th birthday party. We'll have dinner Saturday night at a restaurant, brunch Sunday morning at my niece's, then come home. In and out.  

Fortunately, I did my long run on Tuesday:
1- 9:28
2- 9:26
3- 9:24
4- 9:24
5- 9:26
6- 9:32
7- 9:33
8- 9:20
9- 9:10
10- 8:59
11- 9:11
12- 9:10
13- 9:33
14- 9:21

I will likely spin tomorrow morning with the FCA Endurance Team at Brickyard Bikes in Chaska.