Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Triathlon Sign-up Party

I love parties. All of them. Invite me to all of them. I never get sick of them.

Steve and Helen had one on Saturday night which was a blast. Everybody brought their calendars and Steve had typed up a master spreadsheet with all sorts of fun-sounding races. It had the dates, locations, and sign-up dates on it. We could see what everybody else has signed up for, and determine what else we should register for. That's Steve in the background mixing up what sure appears to be a girly-drink.

Trimama and Taconite Boy were there - (in the hot-tub). Everybody's completely sober, as usual. Steve and Helen live on one of the 10,000+ lakes here in Minnesota. They host 6am swims every Wednesday all summer long. They put out real triathlon buoys (the big orange pyramid style ones) and we all take turns driving their pontoon one-way... most people swim across the lake and back for just under two miles.

Anyway, we are all going to Zurich to do the IM there. If you are looking for a late June race, there are still 214 spots left. I will be there along with twenty - that's right - twenty - of my friends. We are going with Endurance Sports Travel. It's a company owned by Ken Glah (he has won a few Ironmans, and he still participates, most recently in Kona just a couple months ago). Now they just take people all over the world to do Ironmans. We went with them to IM Brazil in May '06, and I swear will never do an overseas race without them - they totally ROCK. THey take care of EVERYTHING. Anyway, please join us! Marz-Racer is the only other "blogger" that I know of who is coming, but if you like me, you will love the Minnesotans that make up the Gear West Tri Club.