Saturday, December 09, 2006

Temperatures soar today!

Right now it is 41 degrees is sunny Minnesota. I love living here... seems like forever ago I was whining about the cold - it's great here. Today.
This morning I ran with SCS Multisport's "group run". I usually run with Lifetime Fitness' Running Club, but my x/c ski coach is one of the owners of SCS, so I came out to give it a try. We ran on Eden Prairie's hilly trails and park-paths mostly, but got lost and tried to take a shortcut which was actually a deer trail that soon disappeared. So we were bushwhacking and crossing frozen streams, getting covered with burrs from unknown weed-y plants. .. but it was fun - just like exploring the woods as a little kid.
We ended up running for 93 minutes and averaged 9:24's. A little fast for me - I like my comfort zone and I know it as soon as I leave it, but didn't want to get left behind in the woods. I suppose it's actually good for me to leave my comfort zone occasionally. Do many of you pick a comfortable pace and just stay there? Is anything wrong with that?
Now it's off to two kids-invited parties, then a real grown-up party in Excelsior. Trimama and T-boy -- are you going to Steve-n-Helen's tonight? If so I will see you there.... ;-)

Ally and Bobby at the kids tri

Ally starts the run...
Bobby exits the swim...
Ally and Bobby at the finish - the best part is the free plastic bottle, medal and the pizza - just like for us grownups!
The kids did the Lifetime Fitness Kids Tri last summer. Ally was only five, so she and the other "little" kids swam 50 yards, biked 2 miles, and ran 1/2 mile. Bobby (8) had to swim 100 yards, bike 2 miles and run one mile. It was so adorable. These kids are INSPIRING.

During the swim in the 8 lane pool, there are 8 lifeguards - one per lane. The kids are given the option of having the lifeguard stand at the end of the lane, or get in the water with them and stay by their side. Some of the littlest kids that needed the lifeguard with them were the most inspiring because even though they struggled and had to hold onto the lane line a bit, they would NOT give up. Some would rest for what seemed like forever, but with that lifeguard by their side, they just dug in and stayed committed. Made quite a few spectators a little weepy - including me. What determination.

Bobby cut his ankle on his pedal during the bike, so he was all bloody at the finish, but he was kinda proud of it. He kept saying, "it's nothing - I'm allright". I was volunteering in transition, so I didn't even know he had finished (or was hurt) until I heard my name paged - I guess they expect the parents of bleeding kids to come to their aid. Bob (with camera) was busy looking for Ally to come in off the bike course, so neither of us even saw Bobby's finish - oops.