Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tile Project Complete

The basement kitchen tiling project is essentially finished... just a bit of accessory tweeking/ shopping needed... and maybe some fabric for the window by the sliding glass door.

Before/After view from partway up the stairs.

Before/After by the bar.

Before/ After view into the kitchen. I think the cholocate colored paint is much warmer than the pale sea green I had in there before.

These two paintings were made for me by my friend Kris King. He's an amazing artist, and the colors/ textures are perfect down here. The one on the left is a man playing guitar, and the one on the right is a dove with an olive branch in his beak. The table was made by my girlfriend Stephany. It's the island of Florianopolis, Brazil, where I did an Ironman last year. It's so beautiful. She even used real pieces of sea-glass in the waves of the ocean. The bike and run courses are dotted out in gemstones.
The reason there is hardly any artwork in my new house is because I want to actually know the people who've created what's on my walls. Most of the stuff from my last house is in the storage room, although there are a couple of pieces that I can't part with which were painted by strangers... so please feel free to contribute! I promise I will put whatever you make me in a great location, where it can (and will certainly) be appreciated!