Monday, November 17, 2008

I knew we were on to something...

Remember when a few of us registered for Ironmans and listed our occupations as silly stuff? One time Tim was a "Leaf Raker", Joe Bobby was an "Underpants Inspektor", I was a "Smokin'Hot Nascar Wife"... etc. 

I see from the list of registrants at Ironman Arizona that the trend has really taken off . Check these out...

Cat Herder
Grave Digger
Master Chihuahua Wrangler
Mine Sweeper
Moustache Jockey
Mullet Designer
Prime Minister
Prospective Eccentric Billionaire
Supreme Allied Commander

I keep wondering when Mike Reilly will start announcing them as he calls their names over the finish line.  Some of these are great!

What have you been?