Monday, November 17, 2008

I knew we were on to something...

Remember when a few of us registered for Ironmans and listed our occupations as silly stuff? One time Tim was a "Leaf Raker", Joe Bobby was an "Underpants Inspektor", I was a "Smokin'Hot Nascar Wife"... etc. 

I see from the list of registrants at Ironman Arizona that the trend has really taken off . Check these out...

Cat Herder
Grave Digger
Master Chihuahua Wrangler
Mine Sweeper
Moustache Jockey
Mullet Designer
Prime Minister
Prospective Eccentric Billionaire
Supreme Allied Commander

I keep wondering when Mike Reilly will start announcing them as he calls their names over the finish line.  Some of these are great!

What have you been?


UntPawGal02 said...

Ninja... Pirate... now those are some weird occupations!

greyhound said...

I think my favorites are prime minister and Supreme Allied Commander.

Churchill and Eisenhower do triathlon--who knew?

Danielle in Iowa said...

I love the exclamation point after Hustla! Mike Reilly *totally* needs to start announcing all those. He seems to selectively announce occupations anyway, right?

Cliff said...

I put down my occupation as Professional Spandex Wearer....

Mike Reilly did not call it ;(

Spokane Al said...

At IM CDA I was Turd on the Run (an old Rolling Stones song title).

Borsch said...

Can I be "That guy"? Where ever you are, I promise you will be able to turn around and see "That guy". :-)

IronJenny said...

Borsch - we used to do something like that growing up!
We took names from the newspaper: my brothers were "Area Man" and "Local Boy". My sister in law was "Mother of Five", I think I was "Victim"...etc.
We could count on at least one of us making the news every day.

Joe Bobby said...

Momma! I still think your suggestion of "Underpants Inspector" was the best :)

Ryan said...

For the Gulf Coast Half I was a Lingerie Model...and they called me in that way.

I was only wearing a little more than lingerie at that point...are those plums?

Becca said...

Jenny, thanks for leaving me a comment about Bill Lobdell's blog. I get over there when I can....I usually am running behind on email, blog reading, etc. ;-)

I have never run in a triathalon, but I have a friend who does them. LoL