Monday, September 17, 2007

Today's EKG

I just failed the EKG.
I am having a-fibs, v-tachs, and p.a.c.'s - whatever those are.
I will update after my doctor calls me to discuss. All the technician told me was that the v-tachs are the ones that aren't compatible with life. How could she say that, and why is this happening?

9/17 update

Well, I slept poorly because I kept waking up needing a big deep inhale. But after I was up and moving around, I think I started to feel better... I counted 20 and then ... get this... 90 regular heartbeats! When I was counting the 90 set I was giddy in disbelief. Maybe I am turning the corner and my body is starting to create an antidote.
I am still lightheaded and exhausted. But that could be the medication. I hate this medication. The feeling that I am dreaming and everybody is just in my dream is very strange.

I gave more blood this morning to try to figure out (and explain hopefully) the hypothyroidism factor which is so bizarre. Hopefully they will let me know soon what came up today. At 1:30 I go back to the cardiologist for another EKG.

Thank you all so much for all the good vibes and prayers you are sending my way. This has truly been the most unsettling few days of my life. I'll add to this post in the afternoon after my 1:30 appt..