Thursday, October 09, 2008

Twin Cities Marathon

Well, the first half sucked because I could NOT control my heartrate (191 - 230 when I ran; back down to 129 or so when I walked). And did I mention rain? Oh, yeah - pouring. Like, completely and totally pouring rain with thunder and everything. Some people were trying to run around the puddles and others were just jumping in them and singing songs. Anyway, I spent much of the first half hanging with the 5:00 folks, freaking out while my chest exploded in arrythmia.

But after about mile 12 I felt much better (suddenly) and ran strong the rest of the way in. So my first half was 2:29; second half 2:05, for a final of 4:34. So it was my personal worst for TCM, but I guess that I just have to take what the day brings me, and be thankful for that. Right Commodore?

It was awesome seeing Steve in a Speedo and the rest of his Animal Farm. Pharmie, I missed you altogether, so I hope you put up your race report soon!

Jumper did his first marathon - woo-hoot! And considering he pretty much took the summer off of training after his crash, he should be very happy! You're a marathoner, Tim!

Sarah, Laura's sister, whom I usually run with, did her PR for Twin Cities - great job Sarah!

Thanks IronGreg, IronGirlNyhus, Betty and IronZurich for cheering! And Susan, Laurie and Margeaux; and Terri and Erin for coming out, too in the pouring rain to cheer - you guys were the best and it was awesome to see you out there!

I am heading over to Wisconsin tomorrow for the Whistlestop Marathon on Saturday. Hopefully I will have better luck there.