Saturday, October 20, 2007

A nice day...

It's BEAUTIFUL in Minneapolis today - 70 degrees, sunny.... I got up and ran 15 miles with my running club this morning. It took us 3 hours to run 15 miles, but that's OK. My heart does do its racing/ pausing thing, and I am huffing and puffing and even talking is a huge effort. (Those of you who know me will surely wonder if I will ever again even bother putting my running shoes on knowing this!) But I got it done and need to just be grateful that I am running at all. But I believe you can be hawt and slow at the same time.

The "fractionated potential" which is the name of the irritated spot Dr. Doug saw, is about the size of a quarter, and on the back side of my heart. It's where a lot of the random electrical charges stem from. Dr. Doug thinks it will go away by itself in a couple of months, and I hope so too. Otherwise he can try encircling the area with ablation, in essence shutting it off, but that still sounds like a lot of burning on a heart that's already got its problems. I will wait out the next couple months and then re-visit.

After I got home, my kids went to a neighbor's house to help them decorate for their Halloween party, so my girlfriend Stephany and I finished another little project. Steph is entering some of her works in an interior painting/decorating contest and she wanted to add something in which she had used metalic paints, so we did this today...

... isn't she insanely talented? The middle part of the wave is copper metallic paint, and it is so cool looking in person.

[I still have to post my pics from the Art Wall - I know, I know... but I need to buy a couple more frames: for Di's and Andrew's and the second one of Cheryl's. They don't have the exact frame as the others, but I will just have to mix them up. The ones I have there already look awesome.]