Saturday, August 18, 2007

OK, fine - here's a pic.

Six days have passed and I am feeling better - thank you all for your all your well-wishes! Here you can see a couple of bruises: knee, inside my knee and my ankle. Actually the ankle one hurt a lot, but never did look like much.
I think these are from the final rollover when I "sat" on my bike after the initial hip-landing-somersault.

This one on my hip took my entire weight after I bounced off my head. I feel so lucky I didn't break this hip. I think the one behind my hamstring happened when I got the ones in the first pic.

Today I can still feel the hip bruise, and the entire region on my right hip is still swollen. No, really.
More "swollen" than its counterpart.
More than "usual" ;-) and rounded.
I know they're both kind of rounded, but the right one is much more. I'm not explaining it further!

But the weather was really nice today (drizzly and 58 degrees) so on our long run (my first workout since the crash) we added onto our milage and ran 20. It sounded like a much better idea than trying to eek it out next weekend when it's back in the 90's and humid. I think the week off was good for me because I felt good for the whole run. No joint pain, just aware there was a bruise on my hip.