Friday, March 20, 2009

Week in review

Well, I started at Coke this week - and I love it! They gave me a sweet office with windows and even said I can decorate it -- I wonder if they know what I do for a hobby?!?! In a week there will be custom draperies, wainscoting, a lovely floor lamp and reading chair, a hand-knotted persian rug, maybe a tapestry for the wall behind my desk... ;-)

Everyone is really nice - from the drivers to the manager of the whole bottling facility. Who, by the way, told me yesterday that Dasani is the hydration sponsor for the Stillwater Marathon on May 24th. He said he was running it and asked me to run it with with him, so of course I said sure. ;-) So now I have seven marathons between May and November... and one of those is a 50-mile ultra and another is in an Ironman -- my running legs will be is top shape!

Tomorrow I run 17 or 18 with the LTF Running Club - and maybe Trimama will join us at some point. It got cold again, so I either have to start spinning again, or bundle up. 

I'll try to remember to bring my Garmin tomorrow so I can post splits. Hope you are all enjoying the change of season - hopefully it will change here, too, soon.