Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Outdoor training

So it's 26 degrees this morning for my 6 mile run. What. Gives
I listen to Tac and Bigun's podcast - Bigun's always bragging about his Year-round-outdoor-training-center. (read that in a griping whining jealous voice). I am so so so ready for some warm weather.
Anyway, we did run 6 miles in about an hour, and then I swam 3300 yards. Great swim workout. I love Jeanne, the girl who writes our swim workouts. Her hubba was captain of the Olympic swim team years back (and has two silver medals!), and she herself is quite an amazing swimmer - so we always have these great workouts:

---- Today our main set was a "timed" 300, followed by 10 x 100's (50 FAST as you can/ 50 easy - take 10 seconds rest after the last person in your lane finishes between each 100). After the last 100, take your 10 seconds and then do another "timed" 300 - and it has to be faster than your first 300. 

So you eat up 1600 yards, but it's broken up into manageable pieces - none of which really kills you, but you know you are working hard.

Good thing I had two hours training in my pocket because this afternoon, IronGreg, IronGirlNyhus and I went to the reception place for their wedding to sample all the possible foods and desserts. So 15 entrees and 3 pieces of cake later, I have officially undone my hard work. 

But I'm happy!!!! When was the last time you ate all those desserts?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This morning I ran 23 miles and my heart rate was at or below 146 the whole way. (10:38 average pace)
And a couple days ago I was sitting in the car and suddenly realized I couldn't feel my heart jumping around, so I checked my carotid and felt 20 - counted them - 20 calm, normal heartbeats in. a. row. Who knows how many normal beats there were before I started counting them??
I really believe I will get over this heart nonsense and a year from now it will all have seemed like a bad dream.
I am in the best mood right now!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, I am back in the saddle - actually training!
Yesterday I ran an hour with Erin and Beth K, then biked an hour with Bob. This morning I swam 3300 yards, then biked hill repeats with Terri, the other Beth, and Erin. Seems like it's been ages since I got in a brick workout. Also seems like ages since I could wear shorts to bike in.

Fargo marathon is only three weeks away, so I am doing my last 20-miler tomorrow.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trail Mix 2008

Yesterday was the annual Trail Mix Run - 25K up and down the hills at Hyland Park Reserve in Bloomington. I ran with IronGreg, Becca, and her sister Maggie and my friend Diane. It was a perfect day - cool, cloudy, temps in the 40's or 50's. We took 2:33 to finish, so the pace was comfortable and steady throughout.
Lucky for us this year, the ski hill still had snow on it, so the race director re-routed us. All gentle rolling hills. Still hillier than anything I ever run, but much better that doing that ski hill.

Today Bobby has a soccer tournament at 3, 6, and 8 p.m. I'll try to get a pic or two of him as I haven't posted a lot of his pics lately.

Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arizona Ironman

Go Commodore! Go IronBenny!

Comm's number is #854 and Benny is #441 if you want to follow them on http://www.ironmanlive.com/.
Just click on "track an athlete" - it's a tab toward the right side of the screen - and enter the race number.
Good luck friends!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Birthday swim!

Happy birthday to Cyndy North who is 40! In celebration, Erin and I and our fellow mom-swimmers from the "Slow-is-the-New-Fast" club did 40 x 100's yesterday. We mixed up free, descendings, drills, stroke work, and finished with 100 fly. It wasn't all pretty, and it was long, and our fingers were prune-y, but we did it! Sadly, our group keeps getting older and these workouts keep getting longer.
I say we start celebrating with 75's...

Saturday, April 05, 2008


This afternoon I went on my first outdoor bike ride since IM Florida WAY back in November. It was 62 degrees up here in the tundra we call Minnesota. Two Gear West buddies from IM Zurich (IronCliff, and IronJesse) and a couple others rode about 28 or so miles; not sure what our average was - maybe 18 or 19 mph, but who cares???? we were outside.

I have a 20 mile run on the schedule for tomorrow, but there is an 80% chance of rain, so I may have to either run in the rain, run on the dreadmill, or reschedule.

I have decided against running the Ice Age Ultra (50 mile trail run) on May 10th. It's the weekend before Fargo Marathon, and after being sick this fall, resulting in an inability to control my heartrate, I think I should (and will) be happy just doing marathons and Ironmans. Erin (many of you met her in Phoenix at the RnR marathon) ran with me last week for my 21 miler, and she got to watch me fade and then spike up to 240 bmp twice. It's just too scary. I feel like I'm going to faint and I get weepy. I was glad she was there. Anyway, thanks for hanging with me Erin - I'm glad you are my friend! I really look forward to doing the tri's we have on the calendar this summer, and I know Lana and I will have a blast with you at your first IM in Florida. mwaaahh!

------------------------ correction ----------------------
I don't want to make it sound like "I am JUST" doing IM's and marathons. They are a long way and I do TOTALLY respect that. What I mean is that I am not going to try to do MORE than what I am already doing.