Friday, November 30, 2007


This is just part of a funny blog post that one of my Gear West teammates just sent me. He's describing Cycling in the Fall Season. This is his take on triathletes:

For the full hilarious blog post, go here.

The Triathlete
At this point in the year The Triathlete has transitioned from short-shorts and half-shirt to full-length tights and loose-fitting long-sleeved runner's jersey (which is an outfit that is a helmet away from a pair of pajamas). However, he (or she, of course) has not yet transitioned from the 53x14 gear, nor from the "tuck" of questionable aerodynamic benefit that is less Pro Tour time trialist than it is pedantic professor resting his elbows on a lectern. Not even the vibrant colors of autumn are enough to distract The Triathlete from his or her mission of beating leisure cyclists over modest inclines, striving to improve on "personal bests," and abstaining from all aspects of cycling except for the going forward with your head down part.

So now that I am in the off season, I think I'll get some sun in the tropics.
okay... so my friend Holly has too much time on her hands again. She titled this one How Not To Wear A Thong...
Aye. Que Cosa???