Thursday, December 28, 2006

Girl Trip! and X/C ski update

Ally and I are off to Chicago tomorrow for the American Girl Destination Tour. We will stay in a fancy hotel downtown on Michigan Ave., attend the American Girl Revue Theatre Production, and shop at the American Girl store for a doll and accessories.

I've been warned by other moms that once we get that American Girl doll, we can helplessly watch a few thousand dollars evaporate into AG outfits and accessories. It can't be that bad, can it? Any AG moms out there??? If so, I'm doomed!!! But Ally is so excited about our trip that I'm "in". She's only little for a little while and it won't be long before she's a teenager and hates me. But for now, we can get dressed up, go to a fancy restaurant, go to a show, stay in a fancy hotel, shop at the American Girl doll store, and enjoy a blissful mother-daughter relationship. I understand that we can even get her doll a school uniform that matches Ally's. Aye.

I've decided to start a workout log. I've never kept one, but reading so many other people's blogs, it sounds like you all keep one. Yesterday I ran 5.5 miles and then later skied 6.8 miles. I still lack confidence on the skis... I still fall down. Twice last night. This race I'm doing is 31 miles long, and hilly!. Last night I felt like 6.8 miles was plenty. I was soaked with sweat and dying of thirst. I have to start wearing my water belt... I just never thought about it for skiing, but I always wear it for running, and wouldn't dream of biking without water. So I will start bringing it. We were eating snow.

Anyway, IronLaura and I did stop to talk a lot, but 6.8 miles took us 80 minutes. So how long will the Birkie take us? It's so much hillier than our local trail, too. I'm actually open to a DNF, but am going to be at the starting line anyway. Going up the little hills at Elm Creek had my heart-rate pounding out of my chest. I have to hook up my new Garmin 305 (I decided to get the one with a heart-rate monitor ;-)) to find out just how hard this is on me -- especially up a hill that has about 8 inches of powdery loose snow on it. What will it be like in Wisconsin? Those of you who have done IM WI know how hilly it is in that area... It's the same hills, only on skinny little horse trails on skis. I'm doomed.