Saturday, January 06, 2007

Garmin update

Now I know why I don't lose weight running. In this morning's 10 mile, 1:36:42 run, I only burned 308 calories. My average heart rate was 166. A little zone3, a little more zone 4 and 6.6miles at zone 5.

That sucks! Put me on my bike!!!

Stats for my stationary trainer in my kitchen for a 50 minute ride: 686 calories burned; 645' ascent; 702' descent; average cadence 255 rpm. Now that oughta make Coach Troy proud, but I swear I never pedal faster than 90. I have a 55 tooth big ring that I plod along in. And where did the hills come from? My tiles are totally level in the kitchen, I am SURE.

I didn't set this baby up myself, so what did IronNick do wrong?

Please no comments suggesting that I read the directions... that takes the fun out of the whole thing.