Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Access!

I am on a beautiful island off the coast of Washington. I don't have one of those internet cards that you plug into your laptop so I have to go into town (25 minute drive)... hence the lack of posting about either the Ironman or vacation!
But I will when I get back....
For now just believe me it's all good!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ironman Coeur d'Alene

The Ironman Village is a buzz with Bloggers this weekend in Coeur d'Alene. I finally got to meet some folks that I feel like I've know forever, like Nytro and Benny, Dread Pirate, Big and Little J...
I'm sitting here wi-fi-ing with Greyhound at the Java Coffee shop. We're going to send txt messages to Bigun, Di, Momo, TriDogMom, Trimama, 21st - GET UP! ... in a minute.... hopefully soon I'l have a group picture...
more later...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WANTED: New Friends!

My phone got hit by a car Tuesday morning. No way in heck to salvage my contact list, so I have no phone numbers! If you are my friend (or want to become one) please email me your number(s)at the address below.

Thanks, Jenny

Monday, June 02, 2008

Buffalo Sprint June 1st

Well, my first tri of the season had its high and low points. It was a quarter mile swim, a 12 mile bike, and a 5K. Here are my splits:

Swim: 6:34
T1: 2:20
Bike: 39:42 (18-point-something mph)
T2: 1:27
Run: 24:06 (7:45's!)
Total: 1:14:06

- my wetsuit fit 
- the weather was beautiful
- my run was smoking fast
- my HR was a healthy-for-that-effort 161 for the run
- I was 2nd in my age group *

- I got a flat tire with about 2 miles left on the bike, so I limped in trying not to roll the wheel over the rim. (Quite tricky actually.) I was kind of bummed because I was FLYING on my bike yesterday. I know my computer is wrong (it always gives me 119 miles on a 112 mile Ironman ride, so whatever degree that math is "off", at least it's always "off" the same amount), but my read was 21.5 mph avg when I flatted on the course of flats and rollers.
- They grouped the age groups in 10-year increments instead of 5. (Wha???? My 45-49 age group was clumped together with the 40-44 women.) So I actually got bumped from 2nd place to 5th place out of 72, which was 24th out of 343 women. Dang! I coulda had hardware!

But overall, it was a great day. Erin did it with me - it was her first ever triathlon - and she did awesome! A little unnerved by all the swimmers in the water at once, but did great overall. So now she's not just a lurker, but she's a Tri-ath-a-lete Lurker! (She keeps sayin' one of these days she's going to get her own blog, but until then... BTW Lana - we saw a girl tearing up the finish chute for the Olympic Course and we both thought she looked just like you!!!!

Anyway, here in Erin getting out of the swim:
... and out on the run.

Great job Erin!!