Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's 5K

This has been a great weekend. I talked with Greyhound yesterday and whatever problem he was having with his scrotum is all cleared up. I still am laughing that he had a drawing of his balls on his blog. bwahahahaha!! I'm still laughing. I know that the real problem is some remote muscle tear deep in his abdomen, and I do SINCERELY hope it gets better soon, but I can only remember the part about the berries. Someone save me from this bout of the giggles.

Then I started today with a great chat with Di - she always makes me laugh. I can't wait for CDA so we can hang out and crack each other up for three days in a row. I'm so glad that Bigun's irregular heartbeat that alarmed him for a few days has gotten back in normal rhythm. Thank God.

After hanging up with Di, Bobby and I went down to the Valentine's Day 5K at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. In his last 5K he got a 35:24, so he wanted to see if he could beat that. Below is a group shot with Bobby, me, Terri, Marta, Laura, and Greg. It started out at 16 degrees, but by the time we finished it was 25, and it's 35 right now. (and that's ABOVE ZERO!!!) ;-)
Bobby scored a PR with a net time of 32:01!!!!!
He was so pleased he beat his mom by 4 seconds,  and I was so proud of him. All during the run he kept asking if I thought he was on pace to PR... it was so cute... he had such great focus, and I love that he is a "pace man". That means he could one day be Mr. Teenage Endurance Athlete. He's 9 now... so it could happen... wouldn't that be perfect??? ;-) We have four more 5K's in the Team Ortho series.

Last week IronLaura and IronGreg and Zurich and I went snowshoeing on the trails behind the house - it was so gorgeous. We went over to IronTerri's house (she lives on the other end of my neighborhood). After we got back, IronTriNick, IronRobert, and Ales were at my house for a going-away dinner that Bob made for Ales. Ales is our friend from the Czech Republic - Nick introduced us all last year, and he was back in the states for business for two weeks. It was great seeing you again Ales! I hope you enjoy the rest of your American tour, and then have a safe trip back home.

Bobby and Ally in front, then me, Nick, Robert, Laura, Ales and Greg.
Tonight we are having a sleepover with our friends the Andersons... Randy and Bob both love to cook, so they are making dinner for Bea and me. Their kids are friends with Bobby and Ally from school. I am sure wine will be poured, and rich food will be served, so I have to pace myself so tomorrow's long run doesn't kill me.

Have a great weekend everyone.