Monday, April 02, 2007

Deadwood; Still winter?; long run

Deadwood, South Dakota
I am all signed up for the Deadwood Marathon, in the hills around historic Deadwood, pictured above. It's a trail run, and we run up 13.1 and back down 13.1. I hear it's really beautiful. Holly, Chae, Brooke and I are pumped up and ready. I got my plane ticket and reserved a room in the famous Bullock Hotel. It's supposedly haunted - it has even been featured on Unsolved Mysteries! I booked room 313 - one of the spooky ones. But no one will commit to staying in it with me. (Chickens!) So we also have a room in a quaint old hotel about a half block away, which is as close as my girlfriends say they'll get to the Bullock. So here's my question for the day:
Would you stay in a haunted hotel room?
Still Winter? Arghhhhhhh....
OK, so I did get to go on a couple of outdoor rides. They were a little chilly, but that's better than (yet another) indoor spin. But this weekend it was only 38 degrees and raining, and even I have standards... ;-) So Laura, Bob and I rode what was HOPEFULLY our last indoor ride on Saturday. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday, but hopefully that will be the end of it. Nice helmet, Bob... tee-hee.
Long Run
Sunday it stopped raining long enough for Laura, Mike K and I to get in our long run. I logged 20 miles and felt like a million bucks throughout as well as afterward. Don't you just love when that happens?! Every one of us needs to have that long run or bike where you just feel great and strong. It really charges up your batteries and rekindles your confidence. Mike is a guy on my running club who is the same speed as I, so we have been running together for 3 or 4 years. He doesn't believe in God, (and I do) so we always have these conversations that really make the time go by fast. It was the first time Laura has met Mike... I hope we didn't drive you crazy! (did we??)