Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cannon Falls Ride

It was 63 degrees in beautiful Minnesota... so Beth, Terri, Weathergirl, Erin and I decided to go for a ride. What? There's a boy in the picture? Yeah! We talked Eric into calling in sick from work and joining us. It was awesome having you along...hopefully that back of yours that "went out" will be better in time for work tomorrow. ;-) TriNick was supposed to come, too, but called in "lazy" and went to work instead. (Nick -  you missed such a great ride!)

Here we are at the trailhead.

We biked 20 miles of the scenic trail along the river to the Jenny Lind Bakery/deli. Terri delivered on her promise that it was the best food ever. We ordered sandwiches, salads and a few different bars and cakes to split up and sample. Yum. We totally have to go back in the fall when the leaves are turning.  We biked past horse farms, cow farms, meadows, wetlands, and the winding river. It was gorgeous.

And then we biked back. Here we are back at the start of the Falls. It really is pretty.

What's that dot in the river?

Good lord, it's Eric. Dude, you are on a ride with a bunch of moms! Get out of there!!!