Monday, December 03, 2007

Confession time...

First I have to confess that isn't really me in my last post. If you thought it was Shame on you!!

Well, it's my head, OK? My girlfriend Holly is a whiz with Photoshop and when she has a spare moment and needs to amuse herself, she does things like this. She's the one who travels to marathons with plastic fake poop and leaves it on the floor in bathrooms and stuff. I love having her around and I am so glad she's my friend because I think it's just hilarious when these pictures come over unexpectedly. I just can't stop laughing!

It all started about three years ago when somebody sent me a picture of a really fat lady and I forwarded it on to Holly with a note that said, "this is why we run". She sent it back with a reply, "yeah"... only now the picture had my head on it. I laughed so long and hard that I ended up using this picture as my profile picture for the Tri Club. It still makes me laugh. You can actually see her belly button sticking out from under her dress. C'mon - it's funny - admit it!!!

Below is IronGirlNyhus also having a fat day, and killing time at the casino after the Deadwood Marathon:

...yet she's also been spotted having days when she just needs a decent meal:

... and this is our Gear West Triathlon coach, Kris:

Remember when I went to Brazil to do Ironman with TriNick? Well, Holly caught him sporting a swimsuit we've never seen him wear back home. Busted!!!

So who is this Holly? Well, here she is below (in black arm warmers and hat), racing in the NYC marathon with our friends Deb, Rom, and Cathy-Mac.

Ahhh... anyway, I love when these little pick-me-ups arrive in my inbox.

My other confession is this:
I know I told a few of you that I was "done with Ironman". I felt ready for the "next adventure", I'd already done it five times, and it's so expensive and with business so slow it's just not a priority, (three completely valid reasons) but when push came to shove and the deadline approached for submitting my slip entry for Ironman Florida 08........ I buckled. I went ahead and registered. I couldn't help it. I love this sport and want to keep it in my life. It's who I am and it's what I do. I LIKE having an Ironman on my calendar. I like hanging out with true-blue fantastic people, meeting more truly fantastic people, and having a decent reason to watch tv (on my trainer). Watching tv by itself makes me feel like I'm doing something I shouldn't be.

So. I'm in.

My girlfriend Erin will be doing her first Ironman in Florida, raising money for Team Ortho, and I want to be there. She hasn't even done her first triathlon yet, but that's okay. She ordered a bike and it should be here in about a week. She said she remembers how to ride one because she had one as a kid. [Gosh, don't you just have to love that spirit??] I'll try to get her to blog because you all will just love her. Those of you doing/ spectating Phoenix Rock and Roll will get to meet her, as she is rooming with me, IronGirlNyhus, and Greg.

Have a good night everyone.

IRONJenny ;-)