Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prom Night for LLS

Steve Gunther, triathlete and president of our local chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, hosted a Prom Night party at the Marriott to raise fronds for the charity. Guests of honor were 4-year old Lucy who is in remission from her leukemia, and professional triathlete John Shelp, who is bravely, faithfully and successfully fighting lymphoma. She was diagnosed when she was two and is doing great. So is John! He actually took his final round of Rutuxin therapy a couple days after these pictures, and has posted remarkable results. He let me feel (what's left of) the lump on his neck last week and I could hardly find it!

Please continue to keep him in your prayers!

This is Steve, our host, and his wife Helen kicking it up to Twist and Shout.

And this is Jill , Dia, Laura and Jeff. Laura is demonstrating to all the doubters that she does too have the longest arm. I'm not sure what Jeff is demonstrating, but... nevertheless he has a sunny disposition!

And this is Greg and Laura with me and Bob.

And this is Laura and Jill cozying up with the Bartender. Always a smart move. Good job, girls.

And Nick with Ingrid and the-always-beautiful-inside-and-out Rachel. She's our friend who completed the Ride Across America last year in 8 days.

I'm not sure of the final tally from the silent auction and ticket sales, but it's all for a great cause! If you would like to make a donation, below is John's wife's website. If you have already made one, thank you!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Yesterday's Swim

... 45 degrees, wind chill of about 40. This is as close as I got to the lake for my 1 hour swim. Jeff swam by himself, and I sat in the car and watched. Although if he were in any kind of trouble, I am still not sure if I would have gone in. I have my limits. ;-)
Fortunately I had my bike and we rode for 55 miles. It was a MN Tri Club ride and over 100 people showed up. They provided boxes upon boxes of Gel, candy bars, Clif bars, Gatorade, Fig Newtons, NutterButters... the WORKS. I can't wait to get invited on another one of their rides.
Glad to see some interest in the Jan 13th Rock-n-Roll marathon. We don't all have to stay together for the race - but we will all hang out before and after... Come on 21stCenturyMom - reconsider!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Who's in?

This is Laura's sister Sara whom I ran Fargo with last weekend. Don't we look happy? Doesn't it look like we had fun? Don't you want to run a marathon with us????!!!

I just registered for the Phoenix Rock-n-Roll Marathon on January 13th. Who's in with me?

TriDummy said he'd pace us to finish in "something under 4:00:59"...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fargo splits

I just figured out how to get my per mile splits from my new polar... I always said I was consistent... On this flat course it shows! Here are Holly, me, Paul and Deb before the start.

1- 10:01
2 - 9:36
3 - 9:48
4 - 9:27
5 - 9:12
6 - 9:25
7 - 9:16
8 - 9:22
9 - 8:57
10 - 9:12
11 - 9:18
12 - 9:25
13 - 9:24
14 - 9:28
15 - 9:18
16 - 9:20
17 - 9:17
18 - 9:08
19 - 9:03
20 - 9:18
21 - 9:20
22 - 9:35
23 - 9:14
24 - 9:20
25 - 9:27
26.2 - 9:55
Total - 4:04:18

Monday, May 21, 2007

TriDummy's Birthday; Gear West Duathlon; FCA Huddle

Happy Birthday TriDummy! After a tough week fighting crime, TriDummy joins Trimama and TacBoy for some birthday cheer.

... it was an 80's themed party, so don't think we all dress like this everyday. Anymore, anyway.
Below is John and Micki and the girls.

And then it was up-and-at-em for the Gear West Duathlon in Orono. It was fun to show TriDummy our "hood". The course is on the same streets as many of our training rides.

TriDummy and Tac Boy did the race together, and finished together.

Tac, The Soapinator, TriDummy, and me. I volunteered on the course as trash-sweeper. I got to follow the last riders and pick up all the gu packets. Mmmm.

I found a guy that had on the same three-year-old limited-edition shirt as me:

... and then we got to introduce TriDummy to some of our local "pride". That's David Thompson in the middle, winner of the Powerman in Alabama, as well as the innaugural 101 series last month. He set a new course record at the DU yesterday. Now this is a mah-chine!
.. and this is Carrie Tollefson, who represented the US in the olympics in track. On the right is one of my favorite people, Katie McGregor. She is often the fastest 10K in the country and usually ranks in the top 10 or 20 in the world.

It was a fun race despite the 45 degree temps and howling winds.
Sunday evening I hosted the huddle for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. TriDummy was a special guest and as a true believer, was great to have him worshipping with us. At the end of the huddle, we were doing our closing prayers and when John (my ski coach that I blog about from time to time) asked for a special prayer request about his cancer treatment, TriDummy jumped out of his chair to shake his hand! He hadn't made the connection that THAT's who John sitting next to him was. It was really cute. John truly is inspiring to be around, and TriDummy really is an inspiring believer, so it was awesome that they each were so excited to know the other person they'd heard me talk about.
This morning John will sit for his FINAL 6-hour Rutuxin drip, please keep him in your prayers, too. He has improved tremendously and really appreciates your continued prayers. They are working!

Today I think we are going to get a swim and a bike training ride in. ...
Finally, IronGirlNyhus, TriNick, Greg, Steve G, TriJack and Terri O finished the 70.3 in Orlando yesterday - go check out their results!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fargo Marathon 4:04:18

Sometime's what you don't know CAN hurt you. I just finished the Fargo Marathon today in 4:04:18. I just learned that Boston qualifying for my new age group of 45-49 was 4:00:59. That means I missed it by 3 minutes, 19 seconds. And I was feeling great the whole day; sending text messages to Benny and Nytro! Next time... TriDummy said he'll pace me at Phoenix Rock-n-Roll in January if I want. Thanks! By the way, today's his BIRTHDAY!!!

Here we are at the Expo: Rom (my friend who is moving to Dallas and TriBoomer is going to show him around and introduce him to all his running buddies), Chae, Kevin, Andrea, me, Debbie, Robert (who just decided to do IM FL with us in November in a charity slot!), Cathy, and Holly.

It was a fun race! I ran most of the way with IronGirlNyhus' sister Sarah, below. She has run two marathons now and they have both been with me - she's a great pacer and I hope to do another one with her soon. She improved her time by over 20 minutes at Fargo. Way to go Sarah!

I had hoped that Nytro would carry her phone on her first ever marathon so we could keep each other company, but it was Benny who answered all my txt's! She finished the Ogden marathon and I am sure it will be fun to read her post which will likely be about those fun-loving Mormons that hosted it! Benny - thanks for entertaining me for 26.2 miles.

I drove home right away after the race so I can get to a good friend's party. TacBoy, Trimama, and TriDummy will be at this party, so I will add to this post tomorrow with as many compromising pictures and they will let me take. Ha ha... ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Been busy...

We gots lots goin' on in Minnesota!

We have a special guest in town.. none other than TriDummy himself! All the way from Nebraska! He joined us for the Ride Of Silence (a ride to raise awareness about sharing the road, and to honor cyclists who have been killed by drivers) - I know - pretty solemn way to welcome our fellow triblogger...

... and hung out with the crew....

.... and afterward, joined Trimama and TacBoy for a cold one...

Tomorrow I leave for the Fargo Marathon, but the partying will start back up on Saturday evening at Jill's birthday party. I am sure there will be pictures to post for that, too!

It's been a busy week with projects for me:

I painted Bobby's room. It used to be a baby blue. This is much better suited for a 9-year-old. He wants his furniture painted black (great choice, son!), and I will make him a headboard from leftover fabric from his drapes. I think about 10" vertical stripes, padded onto a board and just hung on the wall. His bathroom will be dark chocolate brown, like I have in the basement.

I also painted Ally's room - it used to be purple. She wants one wall covered with green vines and pink flowers. So I will make it really "busy", like a graphic fabric pattern, and add the flowers into that. Next week. She will also need her bathroom re-painted and I think I will paint it a pale avocado to coordinate with the fabric in her drapes and bedding, and the vines on the wall.

This afternoon we planted 104 new plants for the last of the landscaping. Bobby and Bob helped. It was a huge job and we saved a lot of money by digging the holes ourselves, but it was a ton of work. Not sure if it was worth it as Bob dug into a sprinkler hose and water spewed (ok, flooded) everywhere and we had to make a few frantic calls to "real" landscape people.

Hopefully these plant will survive, since they aren't guaranteed like the others because we planted them ourselves. We'll see.

I will hopefully get some good pics from the Fargo marathon on Saturday. I have Nytro's cell phone #, as she will be running the Ogden marathon while I'm running Fargo. Who wants to place bets that she DOESN'T answer her phone during the race? Do you think Benny will at least pick up?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wildflower '07

Second hardest athletic event I have ever completed. (I think it'll be a while before I can top the Birkebeiner ski marathon from February, but this was definitely the hardest triathlon ever for me). As we all kept talking about how challenging the bike course was, all I could respond was, "yeah, but how beautiful was that 360 degree view from the top of Nasty Grade?!"
The swim was a little choppy, but I felt really strong, so I was surprised when I found out my swim split was actually pretty slow for me. Oh, well. I got on my bike and then it got really bad.
I'm sure you heard that it was hilly. You heard right. Nasty Grade was a single climb that took me 29 minutes of stand/spin/stand/spin in my smallest gear to summit. We had driven it the day before, so we kind of knew what to expect, but it's different on your bike than in the car.

Once you are up there, though, all around you can see rolling hills, wild horses milling around under trees, deer foraging... That made it worth every pedal stroke, if you ask me.

I still haven't checked my official time, but TriNick txt'ed me that I had a 36 min swim; 3:30 bike; 2:21 run, so I must be somewhere around 6:30:00. Which is my PW (personal worst) for the half iron-distance, but I'm just happy to be alive right now.

Before I left Minneapolis, I had to decide which wheels to bring, and since I already had a cog set on my disc I just brought that. Huge mistake. I should have transferred a cog to a 404. But being inherently lazy, I just threw my disc in the box. So I was one of MAYBE 20 or 30 people who had disc wheels on (out of 9000).
The gusts were downright adrenaline-gushing-frightening. Even the steady non-gusting wind had me swerving all over the road. I kept apologizing to people. I had to sit upright and ride the brakes all the way down the hills, because if I picked up any speed over 30 mph I'd start losing control of my bike. Each of the 3 times I heard the ambulance I knew I had done the right thing by braking the whole way. When I coasted into transition, my brakes were screeching, because I literally had no pads left. It was ugly, but I was still alive. Praise God. And this time I really mean it!

I was so happy to be on the run, which was also hilly, but also very scenic as it was a trail run. The cheering was really nice from the spectators, and it seemed like the run was over pretty quick. Well, if you think 2:21 is quick. It seemed faster, just like the swim did. Hmmm. I need to manage my technical equipment better.

Anyway, the weekend was fun mostly because I got to meet so many of my blogger buddies. Iron Kahuna was the ultimate host. Thank you, friend.
Here are a few pics:

First we had to get on the plane. Before that, TaconiteBoy had to relinquish his "bludgeoning tool".

TriMama and IronJenny salute you with a toast. Um, we seem to have a lot of these pictures... ;-)

IronKahuna takes us for a walk on the pier where he was a lifeguard.

Then he took us to see his friend who has a nationally syndicated radio show. His name is Hugh Hewitt and he suprised us by interviewing us live on the air about triathlon and current events. It was fun!

Iron Wil and Curly Su at camp.

TaconiteBoy and Trimama set up their bikes.

Trimama on a warmup ride.

Greyhound on the ride. We cruised over to the other camp to see the other TriBloggers....

... and this is who we found!!! Bolder and Roman and the other RaceAthletes.

At Bolder's camp we saw this tent, which was Neoprene Wedgie's, that had a sign on it that said, "Iron Kahuna and Iron Wil - where are you?" It had a poster and a Sharpie marker on a string asking for our cell number to hook up with us. He came over later, so we got to meet him, too.

Iron Wil and I posed for a picture of CAF athlete Sarah Rinertson. Yes, I do know I look like a giant next to her!

Iron Wil hanging out in the RV.

Stronger demonstrates how to be the most popular girl at camp.

Greyhound wakes up to enjoy the sunrise. Check out our campsite. Thankfully there weren't any bears around. Boomer did say he heard wild pigs, and sure enough - there were candy bars that were half eaten with the wrappers still on, etc...

TriBoomer and me at camp. I just love this selfless, kind, natural born leader.

Curly Su out on the run course of the Oly. This is one of the sweetest and cutest (and talented) girls you will ever meet! I would be so proud to see Ally grow up to be just like her.

Stronger rocked the Olympic course. I think she looks so much better than the girl she is walking next to...

Kahuna, IronJenny, Stronger and her brother Chris wait for Iron Wil to cross the finish line.

It was a really fun weekend, but I think I don't need to camp again. That part was a lot of work. I loved getting to meet some of my favorite bloggers, though. I really enjoyed all of you and hope we can all meet up again for a race in the future. I'll make the hotel reservations... ;-)